Thursday, May 31, 2012

Don’t worry darling, we’re hitting up Yorkshire too.

Jensen are I are freaking out about our upcoming adventure. We’re doing a six-week study abroad in Wales/England, and since we’re impoverish and likely to never get across the pond again, we’re going a little early to spend all of our money exploring some of the bits of England, Ireland and Scotland that we won’t be visiting during the course. 

So, by August I will be totally broke. But hey… I would much rather have memories in Albion than a few thousand dollars waiting in a bank, probably destined to vanish without use as the economy continues to suck.

I’ll be fine for a few months, as long as my car doesn’t break down:) Ummm… wood, anywhere? Nope? Okay, I’ll just have to risk it.

Shazia is having her own summer adventure. She’s skipped off to Wisconsin to train horses at a ranch. She’s loving it there, from the adorable Wisconsinite accent and prancing horses to her fascinating roommates. Turns out, one of them is from Yorkshire, so when Shaz told her about our summer plans her reply was “Of all the places in Britain, why would they go to Wales?!”

She walked right into that one.

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