Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I love you.


...its scary sometimes!
...but I'm always safe here.
...eat the most delicious ice cream everyday.
...and get fat.
But it doesn't matter, because the environment is more conducive to jogging anyway.
...plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish.
...and also... PRETTY!

More pretty!Mostly, I love friends:)

Monday, August 22, 2011

San Clemente

Every year my family makes this trek to San Clemente. We lie on the beach for two weeks, eat too much, surf, run, play, shop and basically just act like beach bums with zero responsibility. This group includes all my mums brothers and sisters and their families and my grandfather as the head of the group.

Coming home from San Clemente means that summer is over. We walked my little sister to her first day of sixth grade this morning and although its still warm out and I've got two weeks until my own class (of kids that I teach) end their vacation and I start teaching again, it feels like we're descending back into another Winter. Remember last Winter, Utah? Remember how it was just like a second ago? Winter kind of goes on and on. Summer ends like that. I just snapped my fingers.

Anyway, I've only got a few pictures. Some of my non-photographed favorite memories are as follows:

I found a discarded sand shark on the pier, still alive and trashing a little and looking at me with pleading eyes. Somehow had clearly caught him fishing and then left him there. No body was around, and I wasn't sure if the fisherman was coming back for the little guy or not, but I decided to pretend not to speak English if someone confronted me. I picked him up by his (surprisingly strong and muscly) tail and put him back in the water.
I had multiple freaky dreams. San Clemente dreams are always trippy. Example: Vlad Tepes, like the warrior, not necessarily in vampire form attacked me and my sisters and my cousins dog with that nasty Turkish kilij and I was trying to barricade the door and getting no help... yeesh.
"Ameer, if you're going to come on a walk with me, the rule is you can't quote Borat." -Me
"But what if I meet a hot girl?" -Ameer
Getting absolutely pummeled at The Wedge--actually, that experience might merit an entry all its own. Hold that thought.
Shazia's "scandalous" two-piece. (It was absolutely not scandalous.)
Reading five books:
Loved it, overall, but I had to force my way through a bit.


Sooooo.... Disappointing.


Delightful! Charmin! Many other good things. I am excited to read the next installment.


Satisfying and refreshing, although I imagined a cooler ending in my mind and have just about managed to forget what actually happened.


This might have been partially responsible for the Vlad Tepes dream... Scccarry book.

Getting a billion compliments from strangers on the cutest swimsuit I've ever owned.
Swimming, swimming and more swimming.

Also, here's some stuff from the family photoshoot, candid beach activity and Laney cuddling with a 6,000$ cat.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Notre Dame Vs. Cat

...it was almost complete:(