Monday, June 4, 2012

Did you know that everyone can sing, but only the Welsh are really good at it?

Like… Charlotte Church. Or Duffy.

Jensen’s job on the trip is to put together a master playlist of groovy tunes for us to righteously rock-out to whilst traveling merrily across the UK. We’re representing a variety of nationalities on this playlist, but we definitely made a concerted effort to glen as much music from Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English artist as we could. Particularly, Welsh.

There’s a funny story about Welsh last names… Essentially, they were so long and hard to pronounce/figure out that in frustration Henry VIII got rid of them all and made their last names their first names with an “s” on the end. Like Williams and Richards ect.

Jones is always cited as an example for the aftermath of this.

Also, she’s not actually Welsh in the sense of being from Wales, but her last name is Welch so um… I’m going to count it. She’s got some lungs.

In closing…

Rumor has it that he doesn’t like it much when you mention that one movie where he did all the singing, so I’ll just say it doesn’t matter whether he sings or not he’s awesome….


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