Monday, May 28, 2012

Jensen still has a thumb, though.

This has been an exciting couple of months.

Jensen nearly killed a man. (Not on purpose, she claims.)

She also had a nasty quarrel with a knife.

And owes this horrible person seven hundred dollars.

These are three separate stories, all of which inevitably have the bottom line of “Well, it was actually Jensen’s fault…” Which is too bad, because the last thing Jensen needs is all this drama.

I had some pretty close calls with disaster myself. 

Traffic school turned out to be really easy and amusing. 

I can now officially say that I’ve been sued.

I successfully rode a mechanical bull! (That's the only bit of excitement that wasn't awful on some level.)

Considering law school, because, although I didn’t have the money to pursue it, I think I could have put together a really ruthless and convincing case on my own behalf.

Also considering the military. Not only so I can shoot things. Promise.

Although my aim is getting pretty good. I’ll probably never be as frighteningly accurate as Jensen or daddy, but I definitely hit near too, or exactly what I’m aiming at, pretty much all the time.

Or, more likely, I’ll keep being a teacher and trying to find an agent to help me with my books. Jensen will continue being an artist….

I guess what I’m trying to say is that we’ll all be fine without money.

 Thumbs up!

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MKHutchins said...

You know those were only hints at the stories, right? I'm glad it (sounds like) everything okay now...