Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Note to Self

Some personal writing notes that I recently found. I wrote these for myself a bit ago with the hope that these notes would prevent me from sliding into lame territory.

Notes to Self:

Dear Salsa,

No teenage boys running their hands through their hair. Ever.

Try to avoid using the word seductive when talking about teenage boys at all, also. At least, real teenage boys. It’s understandable if they are vampires or secretly adult policeman in disguise or something, but most young men actually between the ages of 12 and 18 aren’t all that seductive. They’re awkward. That’s the word you’re looking for. Awkward can be charming, but seductive? Huh?

Avoid too many current pop-culture references. A general rule of a decade to prove authenticity would be nice. I.E. It’s probably okay to mention Batman Begins or Pirates of the Caribbean at this point, since they have shown some staying power through the last decade and will probably enjoy relevance for a few generations at least, but avoid quick references to Jersey Shore or other dross that no one will remember or care about in a few minutes.

Let’s not have the big thematic reveal of the story be given through a Google-search. It makes sense, but it’s a total cop-out. Examples of defaulting to Google; Twilight & Hush Hush. Both of these are books that I like a lot, but the Google-reveals in both of them were disappointing. Come on! Give me a big dramatic confrontation, instead. PLEASE!

Thanks Chola, Salsa

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