Thursday, June 2, 2011


Season 1 - 17 “Physical Education”. This is one of my favorite Community episodes for many, many reasons. There is a lot to be admired (That's not a euphemism) in the story/scene execution/characters everything. So good.

One of the best scenes is when Abed imitates Jeff and then explains the formula that he used to personify his friend.

Gracias to for the quote:

Troy: Woah, that's a good Jeff! How'd you do that?
Abed: 10% Dick Van Dyke, 20% Sam Malone, 40% Zach Braff from Scrubs and 30% Hilary Swank from Boys Don't Cry.
Jeff: Zach Braff?!
Abed: Sorry.

I love character formulas. Physically my character Atlas is a smattering of Peter Steele, Till Lindemann, Sephiroth and Vladimir Kozlov. I can never decide on percentages.

His personality is a bit of a mess:

10% Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

18% Jack Sparrow

5% Hector Barbossa

20% Malcolm Reynolds

12% Jayne Cobb

7% Hannibal Lecter

13% Tim Curry (As Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island)

15% Elder from my mission who wishes to remain anon.

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