Tuesday, November 19, 2013


That's my current estimate for how long this book will actually end up being. It's day 19, and I'm just under 60k, and about 60 % through the story.

I ended up going with the post-modern Fantasy novel idea. So far, it's been fun and relatively easy to write. I hadn't had to force myself through too many scenes. Sometime, when I don't have other obligations, maybe (that will never happen) it would be fun to literally just sit down and try to see exactly how much I can write without stopping, except to sleep and pee and eat bagels.

It has never really been like that. Especially now, when I'm working and teaching and still managing to waste time on Saints Row, and watch movies etc. The other night, I watched Labyrinth with my baby sister. I let her know that I tried to get the goblins to take her away a few times, but it never worked out.

She's adorable. Here's a picture of her when we went surfing last year.

Sharks didn't want her either, I asked.

Really though, I've been playing a lot more this month than I thought I would be. It's been nice. But, now it's time to get serious and try to finish this book!

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