Monday, December 3, 2012

Once there was a Floating Eye of Death

Lane is in a Vans commercial with DJ Lance Rock! it's AWESOME!

Her silly face gets a close up at 0:46.

It looks like this 8D but less sideways.

Also, we visited the set of The Aquabats Super Show! this last week. Guinness has been helping with costumes. It was a blast!

They're filming the second season now, but the first season is new on Netflix, which is the greatest news ever!

Here are a few reasons you should watch

Fake Commercials

An actual band of superheroes pretty much just playing themselves only with IQ points slightly lowered


Weird Al is President

Guitars that shoots lasers

Anti-Negativity Helmets

Mr. Lawrence

"It's bigger on the inside!"

Strong Bad basically playing Strong Bad

Christian getting punched in the face by a tree

Spontaneous musical numbers

Monster of the Week including genies, aliens, the deadliest bees in space etc.

Animated segments

I need to go, so if you need more convincing just look at the page for the show.

Never mind, you don't need anymore convincing. Go watch the show!

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